Spinning seal Radio!

An unexpected Zeno Radio station that plays the iconic "Maniacs of Noise (MoN) - Happy H. Christmas" (Often known from the Spinning seal meme) 24/7.

Spinning seal is down due to maintenance (bruh)

Live on Radio.Garden too!

radio.garden location

maintenance schedule: Issues with broadcast. no schedule boi

NOTE: This Radio station is just for laughs and since this is my first i had no idea of what i should have made. I felt like to bring entertainment to the radio.garden community since it lacks of it. so i did! Listen to it live on http://radio.garden/listen/spinning-seal-fm/d7RMpZjk
Total views (Started 2022-01-21)

No, You cant play this on an usual stereo.

It's running on a virtual station and not on a actual AM frequency. Theres no other way to listen to this without doing it on Radio.garden or here.

If you have questions n stuff join this server i just started lol https://discord.gg/bdqEMc6TKf

Yt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM6RFldmz2hOieQfZCMT8KQ
TikTok (personal): HKprogram